GhostEye M3 POWA BEAM 9″ 70w HID Remote Spotlight System

Finally a truly remote spotlighting system that can be used inside the vehicle with all windows up


POWA BEAM 70W HID – Suction Mounting – No Holes to Drill in Vehicle – Remote Operation – Precise Control


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The GhostEye remote spotlight system has been developed over the last few years by people who did not want to drill holes in the roofs of cars and were tired of cold cramped arms from hanging directly onto lights or door mounted remote systems.

We told ourselves, “surely someone had made one of these by now”. Once we set upon the project we realised why no-one had! Creating such a system to be intuitive to use and responds in a fashion similar to current hand held devices whilst eliminating any of their adverse features, using only components readily available was indeed a challenge.

Designed and developed by fitter / machinists along with the help of electronics and robotic engineers, these remote systems are incredibly robust and versatile.

The unit can be controlled by one hand by either driver or passenger or even passed into back seat of dual cabs to be controlled by backseat passengers.


  • Waterproof servos and sealed components handle the weather easily
  • 3 x suction caps to hold securely to smooth surfaces. All 3 suction caps are adjustable to fit between roof ribs on vehicles. (although these are exceptionally strong suction caps, the spotlight system should be removed from vehicle before driving on roads)
  • 3.5m power cable with battery clamps, to control box, with 3.5m of power and control cable from control box to light system.
  • On/Off switch on control box
  • 270 degrees rotation with 30 degrees up and down
  • Comes complete with everything ready to use, simply mount to vehicle, hook up the battery and switch it on