GhostEye Solar Battery Pack

Solar Rechargeable battery pack suits TRACKER, 3G Extreme and the 4G Informant


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This solar rechargeable battery pack plugs straight into the GhostEye cameras and dramatically extends life in the field.

These Solar Rechargeable Battery packs are an excellent addition to your GhostEye Trail Camera. They allow for extended time in the field and extra power for those night time videos and multi shot photos where the Black Flash LED’s are working overtime.

Simply plug into your camera, leaving your AA batteries in situ. The Camera will draw from whichever power source has the most juice. Please note that the panel does not charge batteries in camera, but uses its own battery source.

This item comes with a universal mounting plate, adjustable webbing strap, power lead for attaching to camera and a 240v – 12v power adapter for pre charging or topping up.

This power adaptor will also plug directly into your camera if required and allow the camera to work directly from a 240v power source for indoor use.

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Dimensions 10 × 20 × 30 cm